Radar Assisted Video System

Earlier Warnings, Elevated Security

Why integrate radar with video?

Radar assisted video systems

Sometimes, two technologies are better than one. Radar has shown great advantages in object detection and movement tracking, which can offer accurate and reliable detection over long distances, unaffected by any kind of weather. Assisted by radar technology, video systems can extend perception capabilities in perimeter protection and road safety, to find objects earlier, alert risks in advance, and provide visible images to verify detected objects. 


Applications for radar assisted video systems


Early-warning traffic system for safer roadways

Fusing high-resolution radar and video, the early-warning traffic system detects objects and their movements and reveals hazards before you reach them, which can be applied in places where there are curves in the road or blind spots at intersections. Radar assistance improves the detection of obstacles and traffic hazards at great distances, out of visual range and in low-visibility conditions.

Radar video systems applications


All-in-one radar-PTZ solution for perimeter security

When the radar sensor detects a moving object inside restricted perimeters, an alert is sent to the integrated PTZ camera, which zooms in and focuses on the object to record the event. An alert is also sent to the security team automatically, helping users respond faster to protect people and assets. The Hikvision solution is helping wide range of sites and facilities enhance their perimeter security, covering industrial sites, construction sites, automotive dealerships, universities, mines, etc.

PTZ solution for perimeter security