Technical Engineer

Technical Engineer

As a SolutionBank Technical Engineer, you must be a technical expert for the specific solution-divisions that you work in and have a good knowledge on other solutions regarding to industrial automation field. 

Your Job Descriptions:

+ On-site survey customer's production lines with sales engineer, research to create the smartest solution to solve customer's problems.

+ Responsible for designing, installation, commissioning, servicing and training of our industrial automation system to existing/new customers.

+ Quick to support customers’ requirements, support trouble-shooting.

+ Support and coordinate with co-worker of technical team.

+ Can be able to travel and ready for business trip.

+ Comply with working regulations and good labor discipline.

+ Perform related duties of office work as assigned by General Director/Manager.

+ Desire to work long-term in our company.

What does it take to be successful in this role?

SolutionBank Engineers need to understand deeply on problems that customer are facing and able to provide smartest and most effective solutions. That's why we are always looking for engineers with more than 2-year experienced in industrial automation field, who are creative and passionate in their job. The candidates must graduated from university with the background of Machanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Automation Engineering. High performing engineers always want to continue learning new technology and grow in their career. Fortunately, SolutionBank has cooperated with many worldwide leading automation brands and the training course for new technology is never end. Also, there is endless opportunity for advancement at SolutionBank! Management opportunities can come as early as 3 years into your career!


How to apply?

Please submit an English detailed resume, certificates, a cover letter (if any) by sending email to us:


Hotline: +8496 113 0541