Safety light curtains miniTwin


Your Benefits

  • Benefit from optimum integration into your machine thanks to the miniature design
  • Minimize your ordering, logistics, handling and maintenance work due to the small number of components, which are all standardized.
  • Increase the productivity of your staff with optimal work ergonomics. With the miniTwin, work can be performed unhindered at machines, accelerating production processes.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of quick diagnostics
  • Save time and resources thanks to easy commissioning and configuration
  • Eliminate blind zones
  • Reduce mounting times





For more than 10 years, SICK has been writing a success story with the miniTwin – the safety light curtain in miniature format – in hazardous point protection for finger and hand protection. Its two twin sticks, in which the sender and receiver are installed symmetrically in a compact housing for the first time, have received several awards. One of the Twin-Sticks is mounted opposite the other one and rotated by 180 degrees. This creates a safe protective field. The miniature design of the miniTwin, the option of cascading it and its different protective field heights save production space and enable small safety distances. At the same time, this mini device achieves great things: it functions perfectly, even when subjected to very strong shocks and vibrations and temperatures down to –20° Celsius.


At a glance
  • Twin sticks: sender and receiver in a compact housing
  • Different protective field heights, graduated to 60 mm each
  • Diagnostics through protective field visualization
  • Commissioning and alignment by means of color LEDs, configuration without software
  • Cascading possible
  • Application-specific brackets