Mitsubishi MELSEC-QS/WS Series

The concept of safety is shifting from zero accidents to zero risk.

Ensuring next level of safety between the operator and machine

Based on a principle of separating machines from operators, safety protection measures were implemented on the basis of risk assessment and safety control such as implementation of an emergency stop. The advancement of technology realizes operations such as slowing down the operation speed when an operator approaches a machine and continuous operation without stopping when an operator is away from a machine. The concept of safety has shifted to a level where operators and machines can work in collaboration ensuring increased safety. Mitsubishi Electric offers a total safety solution which realizes "collaboration" of operators and machines with a large variety of products.


Advantages of installing safety programmable controller or safety controller

■ Complies with international safety standards

The MELSEC safety programmable controller and safety controller are international safety standard certified controllers for safety control. Compliance with international safety standards assures safety operation of electronic devices and programmable controllers, realizing safety applications easily.

■ Safety control execution

When connected with safety devices such as an emergency stop switch or light curtain, the safety programmable controller executes safety control by turning safety output off to stop power to a source of potential hazard, such as a robot. Safety control program enables emergency stop operation safely and flexibly.

■ Equipped with fault monitoring function and self-diagnosis function fulfilling safety standard requirements

By periodically executing fault monitoring and self-diagnosis, power is safely shut off in the event of failure in the safety programmable controller or safety controller.


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