KUKA linear robots

KUKA offers a broad portfolio of linear robots with various travel lengths and additional options for efficient linking of work processes between machines and systems.

KUKA linear robots for maximum process efficiency and flexible work spaces


Linear robots from KUKA (also known as gantry robots) enable you to achieve maximum efficiency in the automated linking of work sequences between machine tools, processing systems or injection molding machines. The gantry robots are thus perfectly suited for tasks such as automatic loading and unloading, turning and transferring.

Large work spaces

Thanks to the modular design of our linear robots, large working areas can be realized. The axis-related travels depend on the robot type.

Wide selection

In addition to the standard linear robots, our linear robots in gantry design can be used to realize even larger working areas and a variety of applications.

Small interference contour

Thanks to minimal interfering contours, the working area underneath the robot can also be used. This ensures maximum accessibility and increases the clearance.

Proven KUKA controller

Use of the proven KUKA KR C controller ensures smooth interaction with other components, e.g. with KUKA jointed-arm robots.


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