The KR QUANTEC press is the KUKA industrial robot that is specially designed for press-to-press automation. With its extremely high precision and enormous reach, it is the first choice for loading, unloading and linking press lines.

The KR QUANTEC press has been optimized for press shop integration. It can be used to implement a wide range of applications, for press linking across narrow or wide press gaps, transferring large and medium-sized blanks as well as loading and unloading press lines. Its faster axes enable high-speed press-to-press automaton, which is ideal for the automotive industry.

The KR QUANTEC press-to-press robots are available in floor and ceiling-mounted variants.

Robust with powerful gear units

The extremely robust design with reinforced axes and highly resistant gear units ensures reliable performance and availability even under constant high stress. 

Far-reaching, both downwards and upwards

The shelf-mounted robots have a reduced interference contour thanks to the hollow shaft in axis 1 for routing all cables. The robot knee, which is positioned lower down and further forward, enables greater downward reach. 

Fast with high throughput rates

Thanks to a specially adapted drive train and machine data, the press-to-press robot shortens processing times, allowing it to achieve extremely high throughput.

Space-saving at a low height

The shelf-mounted robots from the KR QUANTEC press family make optimum use of the workspace from above. Thanks to their low height, they require very little space above the robot base, thus opening up new possibilities for space-saving cell concepts.


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