Optimized portfolio for maximum flexibility and low total cost of ownership

The KR QUANTEC portfolio of high payload robots delivers success with the best reach and payload in this category. With an all-purpose design, it is built to work in virtually any market segment, from automotive to foundry to medical – and everything in between.

The KR QUANTEC portfolio was developed with KUKA’s decades-long experience in automation as a base. The result: a reliable, versatile and efficient high-quality solution for your production environment. Customers benefit from the uniquely wide range of possible applications using KR QUANTEC robots that deliver striking performance, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

A slimmer modular system supplies flexible robots that are well-matched to their tasks, have fast delivery times and provide a low total cost of ownership – largely through optimized maintenance and a reduced number of spare parts. The robot portfolio also offers the capability to upgrade payloads in the field and deliver ideal process quality through Motion Modes. These software add-ons make the KR QUANTEC a highly flexible machine and secure your future investment in production operations.


When its innovative feature set is taken as a whole, the KR QUANTEC series presents a robot generation that sets a new standard for both conventional and digitized production environments. The result not only includes technological feature innovations, but also delivers long-term benefits such as simplification of commissioning, ease of maintenance and process optimization of the system.

Maximum flexibility

The KR QUANTEC series is distinguished by its optimized portfolio, as well as maximized performance and advanced design. Streamlined contours, extended permissible ambient conditions and an extremely small footprint ensure utmost flexibility in operation as well as in cell and system planning. The wide working range in front of and behind the machine offers improved accessibility in a large variety of different applications. The energy supply concept is set apart by its durability and optimized availability.

ESD protected

The robot is protected as standard against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging and is thus equipped for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.

Process-optimized motion modes

The KR QUANTEC series will be the world’s first industrial robot range to have digital motion modes. These are software add-ons which ensure optimal robot motion for specific applications. The ‘path mode’ allows for CP motion with greater accuracy and precision while the ‘dynamic mode’ increases speed and thus reduces cycle time at bottlenecks on production lines.

Sustainably low total cost of ownership

The KR QUANTEC not only provides outstanding production efficiency, but also a cost effective start-up and maintenance concept. With industry-leading mean time between failures values and a reduced number of components thanks to its modular design, the series sets new market standards for TCO. Features contributing to a minimization of downtimes and maintenance requirements include the innovative cabling and energy supply concept. As a result, the KR QUANTEC series provides large reductions in running costs.


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