KR IONTEC: a robot for a wide variety of applications in the medium payload category

 With the KR IONTEC, you are opting for a highly flexible robot with the best work envelope in its class and a flexible mounting position for a wide range of applications in the 20 to 70-kilogram payload range.

Whether on the floor, on the wall or inclined, the KR IONTEC combines compact design with the largest working envelope in its class for optimal use of space with a small footprint. Equipped with a waterproof and dustproof in-line wrist and protected motors, the robot is suitable for almost every area of application. A Foundry option also enables use in extremely hot environments with an expanded temperature range from 0° to 55°C.

An investment in the future of your production: highest output with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high life cycle efficiency

Low investment costs for a unique variety of applications – the KR IONTEC convinces in the classical as well as the digital worlds of production through top performance.

Adaptable to processes at the push of a button

Thanks to digital Motion Modes, you can adapt the performance of the robot to various processes or substeps depending on the need for higher precision or speed.

Flexible cell and system planning

The efficient use of the work area, the low space requirement due to a small footprint and the streamlined disruptive contour enable a compact cell design.

Convertible payload capacity

The payload capacity of the KR IONTEC can also be subsequently adjusted on a robot already installed – allowing for maximum flexibility in your production.

Optimized energy supply system

An A1 hollow shaft with a diameter of 119 mm ensures easy energy supply with a minimal footprint.

Lowest maintenance requirements

With KR IONTEC, an oil change is only required every 20,000 operating hours. The robot also has an in-line wrist design without belts.

Low storage costs

The robot requires 50 percent fewer spare parts than its predecessor model. Spare parts availability for 25 years guarantees long-term planning reliability.

Simplified commissioning 

An optimized engineering tool and low training requirements using proven KUKA technology simplify start-up for you.

ESD protected

The robot is protected as standard against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging and is thus equipped for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.


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