The KR 360 FORTEC is our six-axis, heavy-duty robot for intelligent system concepts. Due to its top precision and outstanding reach, this heavy-duty industrial robot is particularly suited to handling heavy assemblies.
The dynamic KR 360 FORTEC jointed-arm robot is intended for handling heavy components. When it comes to workspace, modularity, dynamism and repeatability, this heavy-duty robot is one of a kind on the market. With the FORTEC series, KUKA has developed a flexible solution for space- and cost-saving cell concepts. Various installation positions and special variants pave the way for innovative solutions that execute heavy-duty tasks with ease in various industries, yet particularly in the automotive industry. This involves the harmonious combination of extreme strength (FORce) and the latest technology (TEChnology): FORTEC

Power meets precision

The KR 360 FORTEC is one of the most powerful and efficient heavy-duty robots on the market. With a pose repeatability of 0.08 millimeters and an arm extension of up to 500 millimeters, the robot provides the utmost precision and production quality.

Versatile and flexible

The FORTEC family provides you with a wide range of products for heavy-duty applications, including variants for a large number of applications requiring resistance to heat, dust and water. A range of mounting positions allows for even more adaptability.

Absolute efficiency

The KR 360 FORTEC series robots make light work of large and heavy components. This enables us to establish a low-space, low-cost solution for handling heavy payloads of up to 360 kilograms in various industries.

Optimum utilization of the workspace

The new generation of heavy-duty robots is made up of FORTEC robots with a more streamlined design. This compactness enables the robots to enlarge their work envelope.


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