Datalogic MFDS Solution Stationary Industrial Scanners

Mass Flow Detection System - Efficient data collection for non-conveyable parcels

MFDS (MassFlowDetectionSystem) is an advanced solution that enables automated data collection for non-conveyable parcels.  In the ‘non-conveyable’ parcel sector, large items have increased significantly even more than traditional parcels, moreover, are subject to manual treatment, creating a labor-intensive process.

MFDS increases the process efficiency by automating 4 operations: 

  • DETECT items even touching or running side by side on large conveyor belts (up to 1.5 m)
  • DIMENSION items, either regular or irregular shaped, providing LFT certified measurements
  • DECODE barcode information on labels and merge it to the respective item
  • DEPICT items by capturing and saving respective images


MFDS utilizes Datalogic’s best products and integrates smart software to deliver a turn-key solution:  

  • Items are DETECTED and DIMENSIONED with the DM3610 LFT measurement system enhanced with advanced 3D analysis to separate irregular shaped objects that are touching other parcels.
  • Barcodes present on parcels are DECODED by multiple technologies: Area Imagers (AV900, typically covering from top) and Laser Readers (DS8110, from exposed sides).
  • The SC5100 system controller is the system’s brain, merging all data to the correct parcel.
  • AV900 area imagers and a color IP camera take multiple views of items running over the conveyor belt. These images can be used for video coding activities and become proof of the objects’ condition.