Computar Macro Lens Series MLH-10X

1/2 13-130mm 10X Close-up Manual Zoom, Manual Iris (C-Mount)

Computar Manual Zoom Lenses provide manual focal length adjustment, iris, and focus where a variable angle of view is required.  The main applications for this lens include inspection, machine vision, and robotics.

  • 1/2" format
  • 13-130mm 
  • 10X Close-up Manual Zoom
  • Manual Iris
  • C-Mount



CE Compliant RoHS Compliant The presence of this logo on any product indicates that the product should not be placed in the general refuse and that it should be separately collected. <br /><br /> Separately collected WEEE product is to be sent to approved recycling or disposal operators for safe recycling, recovery or reuse. <br /><br /> Other:<br /> This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003.