Computar LensConnect EL6Z0915UCS-MPWIR

5MP 1/1.8”, 9-50mm f1.5, LensConnect with P-iris with remote adjustment, (CS-mount)
  • 5MP
  •  Suitable for large format sensors (IMX183)
  • 1/1.8” format
  • 9-50mm remote zoom, f1.5
  • P-Iris  with remote adjustment
  • Power supply & control through USB
  • Floating focus design achieves ultra-high resolution from near to far.
  • Stepper motors realize precise focus control and high repeatability
  • Easy-to-install by free control software

Watch now and see how it works!



CE Compliant RoHS Compliant The presence of this logo on any product indicates that the product should not be placed in the general refuse and that it should be separately collected. <br /><br /> Separately collected WEEE product is to be sent to approved recycling or disposal operators for safe recycling, recovery or reuse. <br /><br /> Other:<br /> This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003.