Truck Load Optimization

Optimize transportation costs and reduce risk of damage to fragile items during transit

Retail distributors and ecommerce fulfillment centers ship and transport more parcels than ever before. Financially it makes sense to organize outbound shipments, so the maximum number of packages are loaded in optimal order onto trucks or other vehicles. Partially full trucks cost more per item shipped than fully loaded trucks. Many organizations load trucks and delivery vehicles based on best guess, which can lead to inefficiency and increased costs. Boxes (cuboids) and irregularly shaped items (non-cuboids) must be manually separated prior to loading the truck which is inefficient for operations handling ever growing volumes of highly variable parcel types. Manually handling packages slows down the loading process.

Our dimensioning system helps organizations more accurately optimize their outbound shipments by capturing and providing accurate dimensional and volumetric packaging information. Using this information, outbound workflows can be sorted by size and categorization, stacking boxes and fitting in non-cuboidal packages where they have space. Easy to setup and use, our solution lowers shipping costs and optimizes of truck, delivery vehicle, and container loading. When outbound vehicles and containers are optimally loaded, there is less chance of shipping damage due to items being crushed or damaged during transit.


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