Stains Inspection Inside Paper Cups

Check stains and foreign bodies inside paper cups on high speed production lines.



- Dusts or contaminants appear on surfaces that decrease the quality of the products. 

- Use many labor to do QC checking, so increase the cost.

- Big quantity of products and high production lines speed, labor can not check product one by one. The productivity is low.

Our Solution:  

Our vision system with Fine Color Processing extracts a color's hue, saturation, and brightness values. Stains are then processed as variances in any of these values. Gradual changes caused by seams or lighting variations on curved surfaces can then be factored out in order to eliminate false detections. Fine Color Processing can adjust for gradual changes in color such as a seam and extracts the stark differences in hue caused by a stain.


- Increase productivity.

- Reduce error products rate before deliver to customers.

- Reduce human resource & cost.



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